Currently Reading #1

Hey, guys!  How are you all?  I know it’s been a couple weeks and honestly I can’t keep a consistent schedule but I will try to upload a post at least once a week or every other week when I can.  I do want to get back into posting more so I figured I’d just […]

Nevernight Book Review

Hey, guys!  I’m back again.  New schedule once again since it seems that Fridays honestly might be best for me.  I’ve realized I definitely can’t do Saturdays anymore because I’m in my local theater’s production of The Addams Family (I’m Morticia) and we have rehearsals every Saturday so it’s close to impossible for me to have […]

T5W: Favorite SFF in Other Media

Hey, guys!  It’s time for another top 5 Wednesday post and today’s topic is our favorite science fiction/fantasy in other media, so anything that isn’t books.  As Sam from ThoughtsOnTomes said, today is a #BooktubeSFFAwards Book Babbles crossover topic so I will not limit myself to 5 (even though I’m not a judge or anything but I […]

Every Day Review

Hey, guys! (I should probably stop saying guys but you all know what I mean. If any of you are actually triggered by it though then please let me know.) I planned on making this post yesterday but I was gone all day visiting my grandparents in Somerset and going out to eat with them […]