Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue by Kerstin Gier

Hey, guys!  I apologize for not posting in so long.  School has been hectic since it’s the last few weeks and all the AP exams, EOCs and finals.  I’ve been pretty stressed, as you can see.  But now that it’s almost over, I wanted to get to another review!  Today, I’m reviewing Ruby Red and Sapphire by Kerstin Gier, originally a German book series that was translated into English and published in North America.

Ruby Red follows a girl named Gwenyth Sheperd who comes from a family of time travelers.  Her family carries the time traveling gene and it is predicted that her cousin Charlotte is the one who inherited the gene, but when Gwen randomly starts time traveling, it turns out that she was the one with the gene instead.  Under the ridicule of her family for being the true time traveler and not having been trained properly for it, she joins handsome Gideon in training and learns that there might be a sinister plot by Count St. Germain.

I can’t say much about Sapphire Blue because of spoilers, but it just continues the story of Gwen and Gideon’s time traveling adventures.  These books are so fun!  I didn’t get to Emerald Green yet but I will eventually because this series is incredibly addicting.  It may be a somewhat cheesy story, and yes, there is insta-love, but for some reason they are really fast-paced and fun to read.  I was so addicted, I finished the first book and immediately finished Sapphire Blue 5 days later.  I started the first chapter of Emerald Green but felt I needed to take a break and read something else, which is when I started A Darker Shade of Magic (you’ll see that in the next review!)  I’d really like to get back to it soon so I can finish the series.  I love it!

I gave both Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue 5/5 stars.  I’m just in love with the story and the characters are hilarious.  I will definitely finish Emerald Green soon (and hopefully get ahold of the movie somehow.  I watched the movies to the first two and they were awesome!  Let me know if you have a way to watch the third.)

Thanks for reading!

~stay weird, stay mortal~

CR: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black


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